Book Rebinding

Book Restoration

Traditional Fine Binding

New covers in cloth or leather can be provided for your worn-out volumes. A broad spectrum of materials are available to custom-bind that cherished book. Books too brittle to rebind may be digitized onto disc and/or reproduced as bound facsimiles.

Heirloom or historically significant books can be restored to their original luster. Whether a hand-tooled leather binding or Victorian embossed cloth binding; Bibles, first editions, or family treasures can be restored to functionality and as close to the original appearance as possible.

For those special books, whether gifts or books of high value, we are able to bind them in quality leathers with gold-embossed decoration or specially-made custom dies.

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Welcome to Scott K. Kellar Bookbinding & Conservation

I have pursued the art and craft of bookbinding for over 35 years, studying under master craftsmen. Continually refining and honing my craft, I am committed to the highest degree of excellence. Please enjoy my website and discover the various aspects of my career and work. Perhaps you will find one them that will meet your own personal requirements.

Map & Print Conservation

Corporate Presentation

Design Bindings

Maps, broadsides, marriage certificates and newsprint clippings can all be preserved as family keepsakes or for institutional archives. Polyester encapsulation, repair and deacidification are available.

Special books encompassing the memorabilia and/or notes of congratulations can be assembled and bound in beautiful presentation bindings for special events.

These creations are personal and artistic. The finished bindings are interpretations of the author´s work reflected in the art and medium of modern design binding. Scott Kellar has exhibited his award-winning bindings nationally and internationally. For the discriminating collector.

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Underlying all of the various binding styles is a deep understanding of physical and historical structures. All repairs and preliminary work is archival and done with a focus on durability and long-term preservation. Enclosures, both decorative and practical, are also recommended in many cases to further preserve the final result.